The Telegram Messaging App and Its Forex Trading Channels

To understand how providers of forex and cryptocurrency signals render services, one can simply take a close look at Telegram’s Forex Trading Signal Channels.

While Telegram is mainly a messaging application, it stands out from other social messaging apps, because the platform also contains several foreign and cryptocurrency exchange channels that allow users to receive and send not only fun conversations. Telegram app users can also connect their Meta Trader account/s and their brokers to signal providers in forex signals telegram channels .

Through Telegram’s Forex Trading Channels, trading signals providers build their Expert Advisor (“EA”) messaging account using a Telegram Bot. The “bot” enables EAs to query and reply to trading orders from Telegram’s Metatrader 4 (MT4) or MT5 account users, as part of their trading services, EA members of the Telegram Forex Trading Channel can process trading messages given as instructions by customers.

Additional exceptional features of Telegram’s trading platform is the availability of trading signals in different languages, as well as the ability to read signal displayed as images.

About Telegram’s MetaTrader Account and Connector Software

Telegram messaging app users who engage in forex and crypto trading but want to be constantly on their toes in managing their trading activities need only to connect their MetaTrader account by way of the Telegram Connector software. Any type of MetaTrader account whether MT4 (specifically for forex traders) or MT5 (for traders of stocks, CFDs and futures) can be connected by the Telegram Connector to any of the EA’s providing their services in Telegram’s Forex Trading Signals Channel.

First off, Telegram connected MT4 or MT 5 account users must make sure their account is also connected to a broker. That way, signals received as notifications can be executed by the Telegram EA servicing the customer’s Telegram meta trader account.

About Telegram’s Connector Software

Telegram’s Connector software is quite versatile as it enables app users to trade foreign currencies, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies; whilst giving users the capability to manage risks by trading on signals in different lot sizes; or by a percentage of their account balance. This denotes that the Telegram Connector software is also flexible as it allows traders to control risks by buying or selling gold in fixed lots, while trading forex by percentage.

Moreover, traders can customize the use of the signals channel by setting the EA to move to Stop Loss (SL) or to Take Profit (TP) at a certain number of pips or price level, as the case may be.

Other customization features include controls for setting a trading signal on a pending status for a specific period; or as an instant order but based on a specific money management instructions on every channel level and for different signal providers.