What Accounting Software For Rebate Programs

Good accounting software not only helps you with bookkeeping but also with open item reconciliation, dunning and liquidity planning. It supports asset accounting, generates reports, annual financial statements and balance sheets, and tax returns for the tax office and always has information available. A connection to the tax consultant enables external accounting. Assistance systems increase the efficiency and quality of work in accounting, especially for rebate programs.

Accounting with assistance systems

Different types of entry should be available for different requirements. It is easier for freelancers, sole proprietors or non-accountants to post business transactions instead of having to determine posting records themselves. Accountants do the bookkeeping in a flexible booking form with the ability to batch or dialogue book. Freelancers only post income and expenses, while double-entry bookkeeping and accounting are important for medium-sized companies. Assistance systems support accountants with automatisms that can be precisely adjusted.

Good accounting software can read invoices into the system in digital form. It can extract the most important information from them and assign the invoices to accounts based on certain criteria and rules.

Online banking with assistance systems

This is the counterpart to rule-based processing of incoming invoices. The accounting program should automatically import and pre-process your account statements. An assistance system with a flexible set of rules can save your posting rules so that certain frequently occurring business transactions can be pre-assigned directly based on the account statements.

Good accounting software offers the import of bank statements according to different standards.

rebate programs

Open item management

Open items are clearly displayed according to debtors and creditors and can be compared in the software with a few clicks with their respective offsetting entries. Partial clearing and the posting of cash discounts and small differences should also be made possible. The open item list informs you about due dates and reminder levels. The due dates of the open items are an important input for your liquidity analysis.


The accounting software should support the dunning process and map the workflow for collecting receivables. It should be possible to set a dunning cycle. Several dunning levels up to the transfer of dunned items to a debt collection agency. The software should clearly display the items that can be dunned, including their history, and also enable items to be blocked for a dunning run.

The sending of dunning letters should be automated based on templates.